1. declasse-withsugarontop said: idk what this is, but yesssss :D <3
  2. ofminorstature said: why why is everything you do so stunning ;A; that back, those arms, those arms, and THOSE ELBOWS. seriously, you get my excited about elbows. how is that even possible.
  3. sloaneohno said: damn this is gorgeous
  4. mandaz said: God, Yami. I truly love everything about everything you do. Everything that flows between your brains and your fingers is beautiful.
  5. fuckmesweetly said: can i just. love this forever???
  6. honeydipper said: AUGH THE COLORS ON THIS AUGH IT LOOKS LIKE WATERCOLOR HNNNNNNNNNNNNFFF give me yo skills, plz you talented hobag.
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